5 Amazing Recipes For The Die-Hard Cheese-Lovers

Did you know that National Cheese Lovers Day is a real thing? Yeah, it’s today: January 20th. So in honor of this amazing day, I’ve compiled five amazing cheese-filled recipes for your eating (or salivating) pleasure.

6 Amazing Recipes For The Die-Hard Cheese Lovers:


  1.  The Bomb.com Tortellini Soup. (Plus it’s only 6 ingredients!) Yes please. Made with cream cheese and Parmesan on top.
  2. Pesto/Alfredo Pizza (Because Yum). (Feel free to get creative with this one!) Includes mozzarella (duh!) and Parm, of course.
  3. Pizza Biscuits! Spice up the boring pizza recipes. And add tons of mozzarella stuffed inside each bite.
  4. Rock Your Socks Off Lasagna. Because you can’t go wrong with lasagna. And extra mozzarella, Parmesan
  5. Freaking Awesome Pasta Al Forno. Which means, basically, cheese.


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