6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Confidence

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Andre Vehige

We all want to be confident. In fact, regardless of our age or occupation, our passions or goals for the future, confidence is not only key to helping you improve our life trajectory, but it is something we can never get enough of. . . But, sometimes finding natural ways to boost your confidence is challenging, especially when we’re inundated with how-to’s, tips, best practices, and advice from the outside world.

You have to sift through what others tell you and figure out what  you think, believe, and need in order to level-up personally, professionally, etc. Building your confidence isn’t easy, of course, but you can become more confident with a little practice and intention. Here’s how:

1. Do The Scary Thing

Here’s the irony: You do not need to have confidence to do the scary things in life! Confidence can actually be the result of doing the things that you feel less confident about.

Start with the small things that give you the fear and that make you feel just a little uneasy, and then build up from there. It’ll be daunting at first (of course!), but it’s worth it if it helps you to build up your confidence. 

2. Focus On What You Feel

Sometimes confidence comes from self-talk, self-love, and figuring out what you feel and why (both about yourself and the world around you). For example, you may lack confidence about physical things, perhaps because there’s a part of your appearance that you want to change or you’re focused on others’ perceptions of you rather than your own.

There are ways to overcome this, though. You can prioritize changes to your physical self or day-to-day that bring you more joy. Or, you can focus on mental changes and consider therapy to talk through the areas you are struggling with (and get to the underlying reasons). This can help you to gain an understanding of yourself which leads to more positivity.

3. Have Faith In Yourself

When you have faith in your ability to do anything, your confidence will come naturally. You might feel like you are an anxious mess, but you don’t have to be! You can feel that positivity wash over you and you’ll start to feel more like yourself than you ever have. Believe that you can do anything, and you will.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Sometimes it’s hard to see how good things can be, but life becomes far more bearable when you reach out and know who to speak to. Instead of relying on the airbrushed, highlight-reel life of other people, you need to trust that you can ask people for help and get it.

Always be okay with asking to get the help that you need.

5. Give Yourself An Anchor

If you ready yourself with something to link your confidence to, you’ll be ready for anything. Make sure that you have a psychological anchor so that when the anxiety creeps in, you’ll feel so much better about yourself. You’ll feel confident about everything when you can center yourself.

6. Practice Natural Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is something that has to be practiced! That means getting in front of a mirror and self-talking positively. It means engaging in situations where you have to find your voice. And it means pushing back against the inevitable fear in order to grow.

Practice speeches, practice confrontations, and practice putting yourself out there in different settings. Remember that you’ll only get to where you need to go by focusing on where you are and continuing forward, step by step. Don’t give up!

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