5 Ways Camping Benefits Your Mental Health

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When it comes to your mental health, it is so important to choose the right practices that will benefit you holistically. Camping is something that can have a major positive impact on our mental health. So, whether you love camping and go all the time or haven’t been, here are a few ways camping benefits your health and why you should enjoy it more often!

You Become More Creative

From putting up the tent to trying to start a fire, camping is something that forces you to think more laterally. Many people don’t like going camping because it takes them out of their comfort zone, but having the opportunity to become more creative makes us feel far more at ease with who we are!

The great thing is that these days, camping is a far more secure practice, which means that we can control its impact. If you have concerns about torches running out, you can have a 18650 rechargeable battery that is going to work wonders for your torch, and there’s plenty of camping equipment you can find online to make sure that your experience is as secure as possible, because even if you are controlling the environment, you will still be more creative as a result.

Less Stress

Being out in nature is fantastic to reduce our stress. Being in a natural environment such as mountains and trees is more pleasant than man-made structures. When you feel surrounded by nature, you are going to have less stress in the form of reduced cortisol levels.

You Feel More Positive

When you feel less stressed, you will feel more positive. Feelings of positivity in a natural environment mean that you are going to feel like you can accomplish problems that are insignificant when you stare out into nature. It’s one of those cliches, but those nights around the campfire where you start to talk about the things that really matter are partly to do with the fact that you are more relaxed. When you feel more positive, you can go back into your home environment feeling like you are able to take on anything.

You Digitally Detox

One of the major benefits of getting out in nature is that we’re not able to maintain contact in the ways that we are used to. Digital detoxes are fantastic for being less reliant on your smartphone and are linked to greater levels of well-being. Even teenagers are now taking opportunities to digitally detox because they understand its impact on their mental health. Being out in nature is great for your head anyway, and removing the reliance on your phone compounds it further.

It’s a Natural Cure

The benefits of being outdoors don’t just involve Vitamin D. The fact is that, yes, the Sunshine Vitamin is great for us because it can strengthen our bones and our immune system, but being out in nature also involves something called “grounding.” The concept of grounding, where you are rooting yourself to a place in nature has been linked with increased levels of well-being, health, and vitality. 

Camping is an amazing tool because we are out in nature. . .so, perhaps it’s time to make the most of it?

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