3 Factors To Consider When Choosing Urgent Medical Care

urgent medical care
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Sometimes we move through our lives without realizing the importance of medical care. . . that is, until we need it. However, the odds that we will face something serious is pretty high. In fact, national data on health suggests that about 136 million people rush to the emergency room annually! And in many cases, urgent medical care requires a specialist’s attention on top of the hospital visit.

As you can see, urgent medical care cannot be overlooked! Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a provider:


The proximity of an emergency center to your home, school, or workplace is the first thing to consider. Nobody wants to drive several miles to the emergency center when in pain! Even when you’re not the one that needs urgent care, the long drive can cause tremendous anxiety. It is worth noting that emergency health situations escalate quickly, and it’s best to be able to get to your specialized care in a few minutes. 

Constant Availability

A health emergency never announces itself! And sometimes your biggest issues will happen during the evening (or out-of-work hours). An example of this is a toothache. What may seem like a dull, manageable ache suddenly peaks in the middle of the night.

According to medical research, toothache worsens at night because of sleeping positions! And when you lie down, more blood rushes to the head. This inadvertently puts more pressure on an infected tooth, aggravating the pain. At that time of the night, you will need an emergency dentist to attend to you.

However, what happens when what should be an emergency dental office closes at 6 pm?

The constant availability of an emergency center is critical in your decision-making. The facility should have enough specialized staff even on weekends and holidays. An emergency facility that operates nine-to-five may not be worth considering. You need peace of mind knowing that you can always be attended to, regardless of the hour or time of day.

Insurance Coverage

Apart from the location and availability, another factor to consider is your health insurance coverage. Does your preferred emergency facility accept your insurance? It would be a nightmare to have an emergency only to realize that the facility doesn’t accept your policy package. To avoid this inconvenience, call the front desk to inquire about these things the moment you choose an emergency center.

As a tip, visit the emergency center in your free time to complete all necessary insurance information. This way, you or a relative would not have to do it on the day of a medical emergency. If you don’t have health insurance, some facilities offer other payment options that may work for you. However, it would be best to choose a center that will attend to a medical emergency regardless of whether you have insurance or not.

Urgent medical care is a crucial part of your overall health! So, plan ahead so that (in worst-case scenarios) you can be safe.

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