4 Fun Exercises (That Don’t Feel Like Working Out At All)

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Holly Mandarich

If the thought of pushing yourself to go to the gym for another workout feels like too much, it may be time to find an exercise routine that is less of a chore. Whether you’re someone who loves being active but is stuck in a rut, or you’re someone who isn’t super pumped about fitness—(and neither is wrong, by the way!)—here are four fun exercises to try.


If you haven’t tried yoga, now is your chance! Yoga offers exercise for all people and all levels, so even if you’re a complete beginner, there is something for you. And, depending on the style of yoga you choose it can feel like an intense workout.

Hot yoga, for example, is famous for its intensity. However, there are other options that are gentler and/or are more focused on celebrating what your body can do now as opposed to pushing for deeper movements or poses.

Also, remember that for many people, the practice of yoga is more than just a physical activity, as it has spiritual and mindful qualities as well. Many practitioners use yoga as a form of dynamic meditation to help provide them with a mental reset as well as a physical workout. 


If you’re looking for a non-traditional workout—one where you’ll be so captivated that you won’t even realize you’re getting exercise at all—then you have to try diving or snorkeling! 

There are several types of diving, from scuba and snorkeling to freediving. All diving requires special equipment, such as wetsuits from Hi Wetsuits, a snorkel or tank, and a mask to allow you to see while diving. You’ll also need training, and depending on the type of diving you want to do, a certification may be required as well.

While diving is, of course, subject to the area you live, there are many ways you can experience the benefits of diving or swimming (even if you don’t live in a tropical place). You can swim at a local pool or plan a vacation for the warmer months and spend the time leading up to the vacation practicing your strokes, underwater movements, and breathing.


Hiking can be on mountains, hills, forests, or even gravel paths. Depending on where you live, there may be nature trails or even specific areas where you can find loops with an ideal length and intensity for you.

One of the reasons people like hiking is because it’s a great way of exploring the world around you and embracing the freedom and adventure of getting outdoors and into nature. That’s not to say that a good hike isn’t an effective workout, because it is! After all, you can burn up to 440 calories an hour on a challenging route. 

Another great reason to go hiking is that you don’t need a lot of equipment either. All you really need is water (in bottle or backpack form), a good pair of walking boots, and a small fanny pack or backpack for loose items (keys, phone, wallet, etc.) 

Local Fitness Leagues

While team sports may or may not have been your thing growing up, local fitness leagues can help you get back into exercise in a new and fun way. Fitness leagues can be anything from groups or clubs at your gym, to a dodgeball or softball league in your community!

Not only are team sports great for connection and communication, but they can help to foster new friendships and get you excited about working out again! Plus, being on a team can take the focus and pressure off of your individual performance as everyone is having fun together.

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