5 Healthy (And Delicious!) Frozen Desserts

I don’t know about you, but I love a good dessert. When I’m finished with my main meal and my savory taste buds are happy, all I want is a teeny tiny bite of something sugary to tide me over. Or maybe a mid-day snack, or maybe a morning pick-me-up…okay, maybe I have a sweets problem. 😂

If you’re like me and love sugar but don’t want all the unhealthy downsides, or if you just crave desserts more than you’d like to admit and need some healthy options—this list is for you. PS: If you like these, here’s a few more low-sugar yummies.!

1. Cucumber Mint Ice Pops

These are perfect for summer (and well, really all the time!) because they’re both healthy and refreshing! Here’s what you need: pineapple chunks (1 cup), peeled/chopped/seeded cucumber (1/2 of large one), mint leaves (1/4 cup), honey (1/4 cup). PS: You can switch up the flavor by adding different fruits or even juice!

Combine everything and blend! Then freeze in molds for at least four hours. If you need molds, check out these awesome popsicle molds on Amazon.

2. Strawberry Coconut No-Bake Freezer Fudge

strawberry coconut freezer fudge treats
Beata Lubas
Unsweetened coconut has lauric acid, which is great for your metabolism. This freezer fudge combines melted coconut oil (6 tbsp) with strawberries (2 cups, sliced), cashew butter (1/2 cup), maple syrup/agave (1/4 cup), coconut flour (3 tbsp), vanilla and coconut extract (1 tsp each), a pinch of salt, and shredded coconut (1 tbsp) for a delicious summer treat.

All you have to do is line a baking sheet with parchment paper, spray lightly, and food process your strawberries. Then add butter, oil, syrup/agave, flour, extracts and salt and blend (separately!) until smooth. Spread across the sheet and then add the strawberry puree in swirls for a fun design on top! Finally, top with shredded coconut. Freeze for at least 1 hour before eating!

3. Vegan Chocolate Fudgesicles

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: dairy, soy, gluten, and nut free…and these are good?! the answer is yes. It is possible to make something amazing and tasty!

These fudgesicles by Elaine Gordon need: avocados (2 peeled, pitted, chopped), cocoa powder (1/2 cup), unsweetened non-dairy milk (3/4 cup), maple syrup (1/2 cup), vanilla extract (1/2 teaspoon), and a pinch of salt.

Blend all the ingredients together (yes, it will be thick and not watery). Pour them into wide popsicle molds (like these ones!) and add your sticks, trying your best to remove air bubbles. Freeze for 4 hours minimum. The recipe makes about ten 2 ounce pops that will last about two weeks!

4. DIY Wendy’s Frosty

DIY Wendy's Frosty
Okay, so this might not be exactly like a Wendy’s Frosty, but it’s pretty darn close. (And a lot less crappy for you!) All you need is bananas, chocolate milk, and vanilla yogurt. (And spinach, if you’re feeling super healthy.) Recipe + how-to is right here.

5. Coffe Granita

healthy coffee granita recipe
Every Last Bite
Here’s what you need for this delicious and healthy Sicilian dessert by Every Last Bite: Strong coffee (3 cups), honey/maple syrup (1/4 cup + 1/2 tbsp for drizzle), coconut milk (1 can, refrigerated for at least six hours before using), vanilla extract (1 tsp), and optional chopped hazelnuts (1 tsp).

All you do is pour the coffee and honey together, simmer. Pour the mix into a dish and set it in the freezer, removing every 45 minutes to break up chunks. After 2-3 hours, when the mix is a ‘slush,’ remove.

Take the coconut milk (don’t shake!) and remove cream. Take the cream and combine with vanilla and honey with an electric mixer until smooth. Put the cream in the freezer 10-15 minutes. Scoop granita into glass, top with cream, then add your drizzle and hazelnuts to serve immediately!

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