5 Hobbies That Will Keep You Fit

hobbies for better health
Sandie Clarke

Hobbies are something that people usually do for fun, relaxation, and entertainment. However, sometimes they can be used for other purposes as well, like exercising, pushing yourself to reach your goals, or pursuing your passions.

Here is a short list of hobbies to keep you fit:


Gardening is a great hobby because you’re out in nature, working with your hands, and creating something that will support your health and wellness goals (making healthy fruits and vegetables to eat!).

You can garden on your own or with others. You can make a community garden with people you live around, or garden as a family project! However you decide to garden, this is one of those hobbies that will keep you fit because you’ll constantly be moving, using your body, and creating something useful (and visually appealing!).


Painting can burn anywhere from 80-120 calories per hour depending on how intense the painter is during work (or the size of the walls). Even if you’re not painting something crazy, like a bedroom, you can paint for fun and get your body moving!

There are many types and styles of painting: watercolors, acrylic/oil, and more. You can also paint in a class, with friends, or solo out in nature. Either way, you’ll be moving and getting out of your comfort zone.


Baking involves a lot of movement, from kneading dough, to standing in the kitchen mixing, to walking back and forth between the fridge and the stove. Of course, this won’t be a crazy amount of calories, but getting your body up and going helps to keep your mind focused and positive.

Plus, cooking requires the mental work of measuring, keeping track of ingredients, and being present in creating something that others can enjoy, too! If you’re a social person, you can cook with others. If you’d rather spend the time alone, you can listen to music, watch a show in the background, or even call someone during the baking process.


A general guideline for biking is 50 minutes at a moderate pace or 20 minutes at a high-intensity pace to burn about 400-600 calories. This makes biking one of the best hobbies to keep you fit because even if you don’t have time to make big changes in your diet! You can still get a great workout in with cycling (stationary or out in nature).

Plus, biking is something you can do by yourself when it fits in your schedule, or with others in a class or outside. Regardless of how long/far you go or even how intense your biking session is, you’ll still be getting good exercise (and it’s good for your joints, too!).

As with any exercise, accidents can happen! Remember to be safe and only do activities that you will be comfortable with. To be on the safe side, always have a medical kit available in case you get injured. Here is tip for self thumb-taping (see technique here to help you out).


Dancing is great because not only does it get people into shape, but they usually enjoy doing it! An hour of dancing is estimated at burning between 300-400 calories on average no matter what kind of dance it is, so why not join a class, dance in your kitchen, or head to the club for a night out?!

No matter what hobby you choose, you can burn some calories, have some fun, and not disrupt your normal schedule too much (no matter how busy you are).

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