3 Simple Ways To Avoid Sluggishness At Night

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Regardless of your energy levels during the day, even the most productive people can find themselves turning into couch potatoes once the sun goes down. After all, everyone needs a little time to unwind! However, there is a big difference between resting and being downright lazy. Whether you find yourself falling into negative nighttime routines (like your latest Netflix binge) or feeling stagnant after work, here are some suggestions to avoid sluggishness and create more productive and energized evenings:

1. Focus On Healthy Snacking

If you tend to snack at night, first ask yourself: Am I hungry or am I bored? If the answer is hungry, then try to focus your attention away from overly processed and/or sugary treats and onto something healthier. Energy-boosting snacks like fresh fruit, nuts, and generally low sugar treats can serve for a far more naturally upbeat evening.

Even if this feels like a minor change, you’ll be amazed by how much less lethargic your body becomes after even a few nights of healthy snacking.

2. Engage In An Activity

The less we do, the less we feel like doing. . .which is why you could also benefit from planning more practical evening activities! Things that get you away from the sofa, like evening plans with friends, dog walk, or fun hobby can really help!

However, a little down time is good, too. If you enjoy relaxing on the sofa, consider reading rather than watching TV. This will keep your mind engaged! You can also consider learning something, for example how to craft or how to trade with an app like Metatrader 4. Regardless of what you do, the idea is to engage your mind in something. You can be relaxed without fully turning ‘off’ your body and mind.

3. Add Evening Exercise

While exercise may feel like the last thing you want to do after a long day of work, it may be something to really help you wind down (and even relax!). Sure, high-impact exercises may be challenging (and could be best for the morning if preferred) but gentler options, including walking, yoga, and even swimming can surprisingly help us to relax!

Taking even something as small as 30 minutes for exercise before relaxing and/or bedtime routine can help you avoid sluggishness, feel positive, and even give you a better night’s sleep! 

Learning how to avoid sluggishness (regardless of the time of day!) can help you to be productive and positive. However, don’t mistake sluggishness for rest. Rest is a good thing, and something that should be added to your schedule. . . just create a healthy balance so that you’re both slowing down and moving forward!

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