I Took a Veggie Burger and Tried Something New

I love veggie burgers…almost as much as like a good cheeseburger 😛 No, I’m not a vegetarian. I just like healthy food and good food–and a black bean veggie burger definitely makes the cut!

But…like anything else, it gets boring after a while. Cheeseburger, hamburger, veggie burger—doesn’t matter—you eventually get sick of eating them traditionally.

I wanted a change! I needed something new….so I tried this.

The Black Bean Burger Salad: 

20150926_162154 (1)

What you need:

  • burger22burger1-2 veggie burgers of any kind/brand (These are my favorites)
  • 2-3 cups spinach, lettuce, cabbage mix
  • dressing-yum2 tbsp dressing of choice (I used Cilantro Avocado Ranch yogurt dressing! It’s a great flavor, especially with black bean burgers!)
  • Any veggie toppings of choice (shredded carrots, corn, salsa, crushed tortilla chips, peppers, etc.)

To Make: Cook your burgers, in the meantime toss your salad ingredients. Then add your burgers (crushed/cut into small pieces), add dressing and serve hot!

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