5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Quality Of Life

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Life is beautiful (and complicated) but when you strive to improve your quality of life, can help you wake up in the morning rejuvenated and excited for what each day holds. This can give you purpose, a sense of wellbeing and general happiness. Which, of course, is preferred over feeling stressed, disengaged, or unhealthy (mentally or physically).

Here are a few suggestions for shifting your habits, changing your perceptions, and moving a more positive path:

1. Manage Your Habits

We all have bad habits—from biting our nails to betting on Kentucky Derby online—after all, we’re only human! However, if you have habits that are impacting your health in a negative way, creating problems in your relationships with others, making it difficult to work, and more, you need to start removing these habits from your life.

Whatever you’re facing, there is a route out. If you find that you’re eating an excessively unhealthy diet, for example, you can take steps towards reducing the number of takeout meals you eat or stop buying junk food. If you find you’re drinking alcohol too much, you can swap your nightcap for an energy drink, relaxing elixir, or flavored water. Or,  if you’re trying to quit smoking, there are tools for smoking cessation to help you break the habit for once and for all.

2. Do More Of What You Enjoy

It’s important that you take time to do what you enjoy with life. All too often, we find ourselves getting wrapped up in the to-do’s, focusing excessively on work, filling our calendar with commitments and not getting any time to ourselves.

But it’s important that you schedule your time to be able to do things you really want to do. It’s also a good idea to consider what you can add that’s solely for fun! Making time for hobbies can be a way to take up space (and find intentional ‘you-time’ outside of work). So, take a peek at local offers and try something new!

3. Prioritize Healthy Eating

Food is a necessity, but sometimes we’re all about eating what’s available and quick. . . rather than taking intentional time to make meals that help or make our bodies feel good.

Sure, convenience foods can be straightforward and fill your stomach fast. But they are often high in saturated fats, contain too much salt and sugar, and don’t hold the nutrients your body needs to thrive. Instead, strive to fuel your body properly! Not only will this maintain your health, but it will leave you feeling better and looking forward to meals.

Stick to your recommended calorie count, make sure you’re eating food groups in moderation, and try meal prepping or meal planning to keep your healthy eating on track. You should make sure to stay hydrated too. Aim to drink eight glasses of water a day!

4. Add Exercise To Your Routine

Exercise is equally important. This is what will give you stamina, build your strength, enhance your flexibility, maintain your balance, and so much more!

Try to get 150+ minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week. The gym could be a good place to start. This will provide you with a comfortable, temperature-regulated, indoor environment with all the equipment you need to get a full and proper workout.

Many gyms also have swimming pools and fitness classes for more alternative forms of exercise, too. If you want something outdoors, try running, jogging, cycling or hiking. If you like a social element with your exercise, you could try team sports or fitness classes. If you prefer to feel relaxed, then something like yoga or Pilates could better suit you.

5. Keep Your Mental Health Top-Of-Mind

You also need to consider your mental health. Thankfully, as a society, we’re growing more informed on the subject of mental health and this is helping its stigma and taboo to dissipate.

If you find that you’re struggling with your mental health, you should reach out to your doctor, who will be able to diagnose any underlying conditions and recommend a course of treatment (whether that’s medication, therapy, or something else). There are also plenty of free resources out there, from mental health charities to support lines to help groups.

These are just a few different areas you can focus on in order to help you improve your quality of life. Take a look through them and try incorporating them into your routine, one at a time.

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