Meal Prep – The Easiest Way To Stick To Your New Years Resolutions

If you’re anything like me, making a New Years resolution is a custom. I’ll write down my biggest goals and aspirations for the year (within reason) and then I’ll be super pumped for a little while. Until, for some unforeseen reason, I break the holy NYE covenant and feel completely defeated.

Sometimes it can be super challenging to stick with resolutions because life gets in the way. No, you’re not making excuses (well maybe a little) but lifestyle changes are just that–changes to your lifestyle–and despite your best intentions, it can be tough sometimes.

But good news–there’s an easy way to combat the post-NYE failed resolution blues. If you’re someone who resolved to eat better this year, there is a fool-proof solution: meal prep.


You’ve probably heard of meal-prepping before. (And if you haven’t check this out).

Meal-prepping is getting your meals ready beforehand, so all you have to do in the morning is grab and go. It means that you go to the grocery store with intentions. You plan out your meals–carbs, fruits, veggies, proteins, snacks, meals etc.–in advance so that you’re ready all week.

You also make in bulk, so that you can incorporate small portions of each main meal into your weekdays (and use leftovers, too!) The process of prepping takes about an hour, give or take, but if you use some of your relaxing weekend time, it makes your week incredibly easy.

Don’t feel defeated just because it’s mid-Jan and you’ve strayed from your best resolution intentions. Meal-prepping will help to keep you on track and give you healthy eating options for every day of the week!

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