The Self-Empowerment Selfie

I’m a big believer in selfies. Always have been. Seriously! I don’t think there’s anything bad about snapping a quick-pic to celebrate how you’re feeling in a specific moment. And think about it…when are the prime selfie-taking moments? When you’re in a good mood rather than bad, right? You’re not going to snap a pic of you crying because you couldn’t get to see the polar bears in their new zoo exhibit, right? (Those we save for Snapchat).

A serious selfie is going to be the Holy-Sh*t-I’m-on-the-Ledge-of-the-Grand-Canyon Selfie. Or the This-Is-Me-With-Luke-Bryan Selfie. The real-deal.

So there’s really not a bad time, when you’re feeling positive, to take a selfie. You don’t just have to capture the craziest, best moments of your life. You can capture the little things, too. Like the Post-Workout Selfie. Or the Heading-to-the-Gym Selfie. Or my personal favorite, I’m-Feeling-Good-Today Selfie:


This is what I call the Self-Empowerment Selfie. It’s a photo of me feeling freakin’ awesome at 5:22AM before heading to work. Okay, all judgements about the time this was taken and the fact that I actually took it at this time in the morning aside…this is a decent picture, right?

Why do I like it? Well, #1 I’m matching (of course). And I think I look pretty good.

#2: That’s my new shirt from Inspired Wear that I got for free! So that’s pretty awesome (To learn more about their products and see some of their awesome workout clothes, click here).

#3: My hair looks good. Come on girls, I know you feel me with this one! I don’t know about you, but I still haven’t quite mastered the ‘Messy Bun’ look. You know, the ‘Hey-This-Took-Me-Twenty-Minutes-But-Looks-Like-it-Took-Me-Two’ hairstyle. Anyways, I was having a good hair day, and good hair day = selfie!

And #4, I was feeling positive and pumped up. My day was already planned out. I was going to the gym at 6PM after work and I was already dressed, motivated, and ready. Thus the Self-Empowerment Selfie.

My point (and ammo against the Selfie-Haters) is that selfies serve a purpose. They aren’t just selfish, all-about-me pictures (well sometimes they are, but we won’t get into that). I like selfies for the purpose they serve as motivators and capture-ers (is that a word?) of a specific, positive moment in someone’s life. So I avidly support and encourage them. What’s better than feeling good about yourself and saving that moment to look back on later? Remembering that specific time when you felt good and good about yourself. You’re an awesome person. And you look good.

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