The Small Steps

imagesSo you want to change your life…but just thinking about that stresses you out. Believe me, I get it.

Sometimes I think looking at the long-term goals will motivate me. And sometimes it does. I see where I want to be like a neon billboard sign. There I am standing in the middle: tan, muscular, and strong like a female superhero.

But then other days my end goals completely freak me out. I see where I want to be like a speck of land thousands of miles in the distance. And I get scared I’ll never reach it.

Goals can be motivating, but they can also be crippling. It depends on your mindset. But you have to make goals or you’ll get nowhere. So here’s my thought process on goals.

  1. Set that long-term, big goal and keep it out in the distance. Know where you want to be, and let that motivate your daily choices, but don’t hang it over your head like a lead balloon every time you fail. Keep it long-term as you begin, because you won’t obtain it overnight, and that’s the point.
  2. The small stepsThis is the most important thing as you try to set goals and turn your life around. You have to start somewhere. So, now that you have a goal in mind, take one small step towards that goal. Too often people try to change every single thing in their lives right away. This doesn’t always work because you get overwhelmed and frustrated. Take one small thing and improve on it, one small step. Then as you improve, keep taking small steps forward.
  3. Make little goals. You have your end goal, but there are mini-goals you can make along the way. Let’s say you want to lose ten pounds. Celebrate every two-mile run you complete. Celebrate every shed pound. Give yourself small goals: run three times per week, eat healthy four days out of seven. When you meet those goals, celebrate. Then make new ones. Remember that change is always a process. Keep moving yourself forward with small steps.



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  1. Great post Marisa! Change is scary, we get so comfortable with where we are that moving away from a familiar place seems impossible and frustrating, but, small steps do the trick…

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