Your Weekly Grocery List

The secret to eating healthy is simple–you have to buy healthy foods.

I’ve never been one of those people who goes to the grocery store every day. I personally don’t have the time. If you’re one of those people, that’s awesome! But for the people that don’t always go every day, you have to plan ahead.

grocery list

The trick to effective grocery shopping is buying things that you’ll use up over the course of a week/2 weeks without getting too much, but without causing yourself to head back in a few days.

As you’re thinking about grocery shopping for the week, I have a few tips/tricks:

  • Like I said, Plan ahead! Make a short list of things that sound good, that you’d want to make, etc. and write down those ingredients so when you get to the store, you can be sure to buy them
  • Buy staple items. For me, this means lettuce, milk, eggs, bread, chicken, lunch meat, cheese, crackers, fruit, and vegetables. These are items I eat all week for lunch especially, but they are also the main items in my breakfasts, dinners, and snacks. They’re items I know I’ll use within that week and it helps steer the direction of what I’m making that week.
  • Think meals. When you’re grocery shopping, it’s important to think about what you’d eat for each meal. For example, I like to eat bagels, cereal, waffles, or eggs for breakfast. I probably won’t get all those items in one week, but I can get two and plan to alternate every other day.
  • Don’t overdo it. Sometimes I get excited about what I’m buying at the grocery store, but it’s important to remember a week is only seven days. Don’t go overboard and plan for more meals than you’ll actually eat in a week–you’ll end up with wasted food, or fresh fruits that go bad. You can always go back to the store if needed.
  • Remember your snacks! Snacks are often overlooked in grocery shopping. And no, I don’t just mean the chip-type snacks. Snacks don’t always have to be traditional. For example, I’ll have a salad or half-sandwich as a snack some days. Remember that its good to eat 6 small meals per day [a lot of snacks!] so plan accordingly.
  • Buy bulk. This goes along with the staple items, but don’t just get the a tiny lettuce bag or a small yogurt cup. Remember that your groceries should last all week! Sometimes I get the industrial containers of yogurt–I’ll have a cup of yogurt everyday, and yogurt lasts a while. It’s just a simple way to save.
  • Don’t freak at the price. Sometimes buying bulk makes it look like you’re spending a ton of money, but in reality you’re not. Remember that a big container of yogurt might be close to $8, but you’ll use it for the next three weeks!
  • Look for the deals. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be pricey. Don’t always go for the expensive, organic foods. You can eat well without having to break your bank. Look for coupons, deals, or use a shopping app to help!

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