10 Beauty Products For The Undercover Mermaid

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a huge makeup person – it was never something I was seriously into (or understood, for that matter). But living by the beach has made me change my habits a bit – the sun, the salt, the humidity – my skin and hair often finds itself in need of some serious attention. So I’ve compiled a few beauty products for the undercover mermaid.

1. This waterproof mascara.

Maybelline / Colossal Mascara

Okay, I literally swear by this stuff. I’ve been using it on and off for six years (full disclosure: I purchased it for the first time on accident my freshman year of college and kept it for special occasions, but then it grew on me!) and now I use it almost every single day.

I love the fact that it boosts your lashes 100%, never smears, never makes little black smudges under your eyes, never fades when you’re frolicking in the waves, and never makes you look like a raccoon-child when your boyfriend dunks you.

2. This sheer, light, and protective face sunscreen.

Neutrogena / Ultra Clear

I’ve always hated sunscreen on my face – something about it was always too oily, too greasy, too sweaty, too many breakouts – this one, though is just right. I love the clean smell, the sheerness, the non-shiny look. It keeps my face protected without the added layer of heaviness. Plus, it protects from broad spectrum rays and stays on for a lonnng time.

3. This yummy smelling, good-for-your-skin tanning lotion.

Hawaiian Tropics / Silk Hydration Lotion

I’m picky when it comes to sunscreen/tanning lotion. I like products that aren’t ridiculously high in the SPF (so I can actually get tan!) but I’m all about protecting my skin as much as possible and being smart when I’m out for several hours.

What I like about this Silk Hydration sunscreen is that the first ingredient is water, which shows it’s not made of a bunch of crazy chemicals. Being the 30SPF, I know I’m getting protection (though I do reapply frequently), but it’s not only effective, it’s useful for getting a healthy summer glow, too. And it smells amazing! (So it can low-key double as a beachy, coconut perfume. 😉)

4. This fresh face wash.

Dove / Fresh Face Wash

I seriously carry this in my purse. I can go from tanning on the beach to clean and ready for the day in seconds. This face wash isn’t too harsh, but isn’t creamy and pointless either. I love the fresh smell and clean (but not dry!) feel my face has after using.

5. These soft, super effective makeup-removing wipes.

Neutrogena / Cleansing Towelettes

I love waterproof products, but when you’re actually trying to refresh your look or take them off completely, it can be a hassle. That’s why I love these little wipes and take them with me anytime I go to the beach. On the odd chance I smear my makeup (in getting sunscreen in/around my eye, which believe it or not, happens more than you think), or just want to totally redo my look before going somewhere else, these wipes are awesome.

(Tip: I cut each of them in little quarters – makes them last longer and then I don’t have to worry about having dirty corners going back into my eyes!)



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Featured Image Credit: Léa Dubedout

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