Thoughts On Yoga & Balance

How do you guys feel about yoga? Since I’ve moved to California, I’ve been dabbling with it. I think I was always scared of it before – too many fancy poses, too many complicated names, never had a mat – you know, excuses. But when I stubmled upon some free sessions, got to go with friends, and actually purchased a mat for myself, it started to grow on me.

I’m not very good, but I honestly just use yoga as a means to relax. Yes, I get exercise, but something about the practice helps me align my body with my mind.

I wrote about this last week:

“I don’t do yoga that often, but when I do, I can’t find a way to silence my mind completely. When I’m lying there, I’m thinking of everything else that will fill my day. But it’s not an antsy-type of feeling—it’s the closest thing to peace as falling into my bed at the end of a long day, or watching a movie on a Saturday afternoon for the first time in months—I know there’s probably dishes in the sink and poems to be written but there I am, taking a much-needed breath.

And that’s how I feel when I’m resting like a fool in child’s pose, my palms to the sky and my eyes closed. Not exactly silence, but some semblance of stillness.

And maybe that’s enough.”

I’m curious what you think about yoga – do you find it challenging? peaceful? soulful? encouraging?

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