10 Perfect Reasons To Invest In An Adult Coloring Book Right Now

I’m sure you’ve heard of adult coloring books–they’re definitely the craze right now. But believe the hype, because these coloring books are actually awesome. And they come in a million different styles, patterns, designs, and varieties. From coloring your favorite super heroes to mandalas–these coloring books have it all. And you need to invest in one. Or four.


This Is Why You Need An Adult Coloring Book, Like Right Now:

1. Coloring has health benefits.

AKA lowering stress levels, allowing the color-er to focus on one thing at a time, and creating effects similar to meditation or therapy. Dana Dovey explains more about this in her awesome article, “The Therapeutic Science of Adult Coloring Books.”

2. The coloring process increases your attention span.

Okay, so this is definitely a health benefit, but it’s also more than that! Coloring helps you hone in on one thing at a time, whether you’re creating a pattern or just choosing what color goes where. Research has even said that coloring can help students who are distracted in class!

3. You’re making art.

So coloring isn’t just one of those pointless activities. You’re actually making something beautiful–for yourself or someone else and that’s satisfying in itself.

4. You are also creating something useful.

This goes hand in hand with #3, but when you color something, it can also be useful because you can give it as a gift to someone else. Or, if you’re coloring with children, it can help distract them or keep them occupied! Boom.

5. Coloring is freaking fun.

This isn’t just something to do when you’re bored. Just the other night me and my girlfriend planned an intentional coloring date (complete with wine, snacks, and friends…but don’t do that at home unless you’re 21+). Regardless, this was super fun! We stopped worrying about work, school, dudes, life–and just colored and chatted.

6. When you color, you get happy.

So this point is slightly double-dipping with others, but still SUPER important to mention. Because it’s the essential part of coloring. When you color, you’re happy. (See #1 about health benefits). But coloring helps you shut off your mind. Because of its therapeutic qualities, it’s a great way to detox from a tough day, to get over something frustrating, or to just keep your mind off of things that are bringing you down. Regardless of your reasons for coloring, buying an adult coloring book and spending time makign something beautiful is something you need to do for yourself. Right now.

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