5 Cooking Tips For The Single Girl (Or Guy)

So you’re single. So what. Mealtime doesn’t have to be sad. And you don’t have to binge out on pizza rolls every night since you’re just cooking for one. There are plenty of ways to still eat like a queen or king, without wasting food or feeling super pathetic.


Tip #1: Always cook for two — yourself today, and yourself tomorrow.

Seriously. No one wants to make an elaborate meal every single day/night, especially if you’re the only one eating. This is the most important thing: cook in bulk. You can take your leftovers and pack them for lunch, have an easy dinner later in the week, and even freeze the remainder to save for later. This is convenient and very relevant for every single-and-ready-to-mingle chef.

Tip #2: Explore.

When you’re cooking for more than one person, you tend to stick with what you know (you don’t want it to turn out terrible, right?) or you stray from what your significant other is allergic to. When you’re riding solo, this is the time to experiment. Try some really weird, but yummy-sounding recipes. Try something you know your ex would’ve hated. Don’t be afraid to explore, because honestly, what’s the worst that could happen? You hate it, toss eat, and make a pb&j. Oh well. No big deal.

Tip #3: If it says ‘one serving,’ always double it.

Just because it says ‘one’ doesn’t mean it’s really for one. A lot of times the serving sizes are regimented and very much smaller than what the average human is used to. This isn’t to say you should stuff yourself, but that other serving can be beneficial for when you’re hungry, or definitely for some leftovers.

Tip #4: Leftovers are lyfe.

Embrace the leftovers. They are going to be your saving grace for lunches during the week, or nights when you just don’t want to put in the effort for one person. You can also think of spicing them up: Made a pasta with butter-garlic sauce? Try throwing in some red sauce for a different flavor on another day of the week.

Tip #5: Single doesn’t mean lonely.

Cooking for one can get old and frustrating. But you don’t have to always be alone. Call up a friend or team up with a roommate and switch off cooking. You can make a meal for the both of you one day, and he/she can do it the next. That way you have a variety of meals and leftovers, plus you aren’t always stuck cooking solo.

No matter what, remember that cooking and eating should be fun. Not a chore. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to eat cheap, quick food. You can indulge, and you can enjoy. Life’s too short not to!



Photo Credit: Alexas_Fotos

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