You Can Give Up, Or You Can Give Your All Like This Runner Did

I’m a runner, but I’m nowhere near professional, track runner, race runner, or even organized sports runner.

I’m the type of person who runs for fun, but loves a self-imposed challenge. And I’d like to say that I’m perseverannt, and strong…or at least I did until I saw this video clip.

This video takes place in 2008, during the Big 10 Indoor Track Races, you know, a big deal. This was the women’s 600 meter run, and as the video starts, the screen poses a super important question:

In this video, a runner by the name of Heather Dorniden trips and falls. But what she does after the fall is the incredible part. Watch for yourself:

I think this video is amazing. And I think that girl is amazing. Can you imagine that? Falling at what is one of the most, if not the most pivotal moments of your running career?? Can you imagine the embarassment, the emotional pain, the PHYSICAL pain?

But she gets right back up. And she runs. Runs her a$$ off.

Put yourself in that girls’ shoes for a moment. Would you have the courage, the discipline, the stability, and the strength to continue?

No matter what life throws you today, this week, this month–be encouraged by this video and this runner. Know that no matter the obstacles, you will (right away, or over time) be able to pick yourself back up again and continue.

Your race is not over. Keep fighting.

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