5 Ways To Fight The Winter Blues

We’re almost through February, which is definitely saying something about how fast these days are rolling by…am I right?! But with cold, snowy weather sometimes we get a little down in the dumps.

Whether you’re planning a Spring Break getaway or just trying to push through to summer, here’s a simple list of five ways you can turn your frowns upside-down.

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5 Ways To Fight The Winter Blues:

1. Commit to some form of cardio every. single. day.

Yes, cardio. Legs moving, heart pumping type of cardio. (And no, horizontal running does not count). This cardio can be anything from walking with a friend to interval running on the treadmill. One rule? No excuses. Every day get out and do something.

2. Shoot for at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

This is a tough one, I know. But with sleep comes positivity and energy, which will help you fight off any crappy feelings.

3. Do one thing each day that is solely for yourself.

If you like to journal, spend 30 minutes journaling. Avid scrapbooker? Scrapbook. Reader? Find a comfy corner and read for an hour. Whatever your’e passionate about, whatever your’e interested in, or whatever just puts a smile on your face, find at least thirty minutes to just indulge.

4. Make plans with good people.

This is such a no-brainer, but half the time we’re sad because of the people we’re surrounded with and the conversations we’re having. Invest time in good people. Reach out to those girls you promised you’d get coffee with; strike up a convo with your nice coworker. Be intentional with relationships and conversations and focus on people and thoughts that uplift you rather than bring you down.

5. Identify what you’re upset about and take the steps to remove it.

Why are you actually feeling down? Is it the weather? Plan a weekend getaway. Work? Make a schedule/to-do list to organize yourself and remove stress. A conflict with a friend? Talk to them (in person) and hash it out. When you can identify what’s making you feel crummy, that’s the first step to getting it cleaned out and thrown away.

Remember, after every snowy season comes spring! Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

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