6 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Booty Up And At ‘Em In The AM


This past Saturday I wanted to sleep in, but knew that I’d have a wayyyy better day if I got up and got after it early. There’s a new (and super exciting!) yoga studio opening up down the street from my apartment, Synergy 180 and they’ve been doing FREE! workouts Saturday mornings. So despite my body’s lazy nagging, I got up and kicked my own butt.

And here’s what I re-reminded myself of this weekend, and what you need to know about morning workouts/why they’re actually great for your body:

1. Your head’s in a good place.

When you exercise right when you get up, you’re jump-starting some mental positivity! You’re also getting your mind right for the rest of the day – now that you’ve already worked out, you’re going to be conscious about what you do and consume. You’ll also feel more relaxed and balanced, giving you the energy and confidence to take on whatever projects you may need to get done.

2. You’ll give your body natural energy.

Working out gives you natural energy – none of that sugar or crappy caffeine you’ve been addicted to. Working out boosts your mind and body, helping you focus and get things done without ingesting a bunch of yucky stuff.

3. You’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Whether it’s work or projects, a long afternoon of babysitting (which was me this past Saturday!) or spending time with friends, working out in the morning will make you positive, confident, and prepared for whatever comes next.

4. Night becomes laid back and enjoyable.

There’s nothing worse than coming to the end of a long day and realizing you still have to hit the gym. Finding the energy at that time is hard and sometimes you skip, just because your mind and body are just so exhausted.

Morning workouts kill this – you’re already done with your gym time before the sun gets to the top of the sky! And now you can chill for the rest of the night. Zzzzz.

5. It creates consistency.

Morning workouts help to establish a routine. You get up, get sweaty, get ready. And then you fight through the day. Now you’ll have an easy, scheduled time to meet your goals and get your booty workin’.

6. You’ll reap the benefits.

Despite the initial protests, your body will actually thank you for getting it up and going in a healthy way. You’ll have pep, energy, and of course, you’ll build muscles and endurance more efficiently, as you workout around the same time every day.

So don’t underestimate the mornings – no matter how tired you are, by the end of your workout, you’ll feel 20/10. 🙂


Featured Image Credit: Synergy180 Blog

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