3 Must-Watch Videos If You’re Into Weightlifting

Okay, how many times have you gone to the gym and seen someone totallyyyyy lifting wrong? You’re watching them and gritting your teeth at their improper form, pinched muscles, and awkward adapted lifts. Like where in the world did they get this information from and why has no one corrected them?! Am I right?

Sometimes it’s so painful to watch people do something with improper form…but have you ever double-checked yourself? Watched yourself squat in the gym mirror? Questioned your own form? Pinched something and wondered why?

Well thankfully, Muscle & Motion has complied some amazing videos to show you, in 3D, exactly how lifts are supposed to be done. Hopefully these can help you identify and correct some of your lifting mistakes (and avoid injury!)

This video is great because it shows you exactly where each muscle is engaging and the correct vs. incorrect form to compare.

Here are some active clips to help you see strength training in motion, and what muscles are being used when.

And here are some 3D visuals for stretching – how to use stretching as a tool to prevent injury.

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