6 Super Simple Tips For Getting Healthy In The New Year


1. Stop making excuses.

Seriously. Stop. Every excuse is only holding you back from a day where you could have improved. Whether it’s saying you’re ‘too busy’ for the gym, or ‘too far gone’ for it to even matter whether or not you eat a cheeseburger—quit letting your excuses rule your life. You are strong, confident, and capable. This will be your year.

2. Sign up for free trials at gyms you’re interested in.

To be honest, gyms can be scary. I remember when I stopped working out for a bit after the end of my college softball career, and for some reason, I was just terrified of getting back to the gym. It was totally all in my head, but it made me realize how powerful our minds can be in holding us back. If you’re feeling what I was feeling, don’t let your fear take control. Find a gym you’re interested in, and search them online or give them a call. Most gyms have free day (or even week) passes where you can come in, take a tour, and use the equipment.

This is a stepping stone before membership and can help you find a place where you feel comfortable and confident. (Next step…get a membership!)

3. Load your fridge with (healthy) goodies.

When crappy foods aren’t hanging out in every drawer of your refrigerator, you’re not tempted to eat them. Simple as that. Start your year by loading up on fruits, veggies, whole grains, and protein-packed snacks so that when you’re craving something, you know it’ll be something good for you.

4. Say no to one of your go-to vices.

Maybe you’re an avid Coke-drinker, or a chocolate fanatic, or closet wino. Whatever your go-to is, try to see if you can eliminate (or restrict, if you’re being a baby) it from your diet. You’ll be amazed at how many calories you’re removing, simply by not having that extra Milky Way bar or glass of wine after dinner.

5. Meal prep.

When you plan ahead and make meals for the week, you’ll be less stressed, more prepared, and guaranteed to eat right. (Need more info on how to meal prep? Click HERE.)

6. Find a buddy.

Our friends and fam can be our best motivators. (And sometimes even strangers, too!) Whether it’s a random person you met in your yoga class, your BFF from fourth grade, or your mom, find someone who will workout with you, motivate you, encourage you, or someone you can be accountable to about your progress. Having a buddy gives you that little push you need to actually follow through.

You’ve made your New Years resolutions; it’s time to follow through with them!

Photo Credit: Brooke Cagle

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