“But I Just Don’t Have Timeeeeee to Work Out”

This is the lie we tell ourselves when we’re too damn lazy to get our butts out the door and onto the treadmill.

Take a second and think about what you do in a day: get up, check Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / all social networking sites you own, brush your teeth, brush your hair (some of us more than others), get dressed, put on shoes, eat a quick breakfast, make some coffee, drive/walk/bike to work, check your phone again, clock in, drink some coffee, sigh, work for however many hours, check your phone, doodle, probably check your social networking sites, chit-chat with your coworkers, buckle down and get stuff done, drive home, check your social networking sites, chit-chat with family or roommates, lay on the couch for thirty minutes, start making food…the list continues.

But have you ever thought of the time that you could easily cut out of your day and put towards productive things like working out? Or, more importantly, have you ever thought about the things in your life that have become rituals: brushing your teeth, taking out your contacts, making coffee to take with you for your commute.

The thing about working out is that you have to make it a part of your daily schedule, your daily life. Write it into your calendar so there’s not an excuse. And so you can’t say you don’t have time.

Think of the time you waste during the day, whether bs-ing with roommates, laying around doing nothing, or checking your texts and missed notifications. Hey, I’m all about idle conversations and social media, but you can take a lot of that wasted time and make yourself more productive.

“I just don’t have timeeeeeee” that’s the excuse we use when we’re too lazy, when we’re trying to act like we simply can’t workout because we’re so busy. But it’s a lie. A good workout can be accomplished in as little as twenty minutes if you go hard and stay efficient. So stop making excuses as to why not, and pencil in your workout time. Make time, not excuses. And push yourself to be better every day.

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