Craving Sweets? Try Fruit!

Cravings are so real. And more often than not, your body craves sweets (which really means you’re tired, stressed, or lacking energy). Good thing? You can solve those cravings with something that actually tastes amazing and helps bring you a more natural form of energy: fruit! Fruit is filled with natural sugars, AKA energy-boosters. Plus it has vitamins and minerals and nutrients like fiber, potassium and folic acid, just to name a few.


So obviously it’s great for you! Next time you’re craving some chocolate or just need to eat something, but don’t want to consume an excessive amount of calories–grab fruit!

Here are some easy tips to add fruit to your daily diet:

  1.  Have it available. This is a biggie! If you want to actually add fruit to your daily intake, buy it! That way when you need it, you have it!
  2. Make a fruit smoothie or fruit popsicles. This takes no more than 5 minutes, plus it adds a ton of fruit to your day without you even realizing because it’s chopped.
  3. Make a fruit salad. Throw different kinds together and enjoy! The flavor mix is always great (and at any time of the day!)
  4. Make a fruit pizzaThis is a little more of a sweet treat, but it’s still good for you. And yummy!
  5. Throw it in yogurt or cereal. [I do this every day with frozen fruit! I toss some in my yogurt, and by mid-afternoon it’s thawed and a refreshing snack!
  6. Use it to compliment a salad or food dish. You can either have it on the side, or tossed in. Either way, it adds a great, sweet flavor to whatever you’re making!

My current favorite fruit snack? Apples and peanut butter. This is a no-brainer to prepare and tastes awesome. Yummy any time of day!


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