Read This Now: A Note For All Females

One of my friends bought this bag. It’s a simple bag, but printed on it is a powerful message about being a woman, and what it means to be defined as ‘feminine’. I love it.


What I love about this bag is that being a ‘female’ isn’t defined by one thing. The first words: suit up. suit yourself. You can work. You can choose not to. Or later, be motherly. be otherly. Being a woman doesn’t mean you automatically have to fit the mold of a mother; you can choose to be ‘otherly’ or whomever you choose.

You can be a woman in whatever way you choose, or don’t choose.

You can be bold or humble, strong or gentle, follow the rules or break the rules.

I love this. And I think that it’s important for every woman to understand. We are not defined by what we should be, what we have been, what we’re supposed to be, or what we should stay away from becoming–we are what we choose and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to be a female. I think Feminism should be celebrated–Feminism in every way, shape, and form.

Ladies, be proud to be a female. Proud of who you are. Proud of the millions of other women who are like you and unlike you. Because we are amazing, worthy of celebration, and worthy of a cute bag that proclaims our amazingness to the world.

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