5 Worst Dental Mistakes You Can Make

Some of the worst dental mistakes you can make are also the most common. A few are entirely avoidable, while others require minor adjustments to your oral hygiene and lifestyle.

Here’s the list of mistakes you need to avoid making. . . now and in the future!

person with braces at dentist
Atikah Akhtar

Mistake #1: Not Going for Regular Checkups

First, the worst thing you can do for your oral health is to skip your checkups. The best way to treat and avoid dental problems is to go to the dentist regularly!

And honestly, this isn’t that hard! A local office, like Cresskill Dental, only needs to check up on a healthy adult once a year. Most of the worst dental problems can be avoided by taking an hour out of your day, and spending less than the price of two weeks’ worth of Starbucks coffee for a healthier mouth.

Mistake #2: Drinking Fruit Juices Without Brushing

Sugar is the worst thing for your teeth. However, there are other things besides sugar that can hurt your teeth. You might be surprised to learn that fruit juice acids cause almost as much damage! So, remember that even when you’re trying to stay healthy, citrus juices like orange, grapefruit, and homemade lemonade can wear down the enamel on your teeth. 

Mistake #3: Neglecting Your Tongue

By cleaning your tongue, you can get rid of bacteria that can make your gums swell. Bacteria cause your gums to get red and swollen. The most important thing to remember is that if you don’t clean your tongue regularly, you give germs a place to live in your mouth, which can lead to bad breath and other oral health problems now and in the future. 

Mistake #4: Using Mouthwash the Wrong Way

You should use mouthwash if you don’t already. When you brush, only about half of your mouth is cleaned. Mouthwash can help prevent tooth decay. But don’t use it right after brushing your teeth, or it will wash away the fluoride in your toothpaste that is still on your teeth. Instead, use mouthwash before you brush. This way, you get rid of all the germs and stuck-on stuff from the night before. 

Mistake #5: Brushing More Than Twice Per Day

Gum recession is one of the most difficult and expensive things to fix, requiring grafts by a periodontist. Surprisingly, one of the leading causes of gum recession is thinking you are doing the right thing by brushing more than twice per day or brushing too hard.

When you brush more or harder than required, you can wear away the soft tissue around your teeth and thin it out. Reduced gum thickness then exposes the sensitive parts of your teeth, leading to gum disease.

While it may seem scary at first, you can easily avoid some of the worst dental mistakes pretty easily! By scheduling regular visits, keeping on top of your hygiene, and being gentle with sensitive areas, you’ll avoid complications and have a happy, healthy mouth.

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