I Tried This Gut Health Challenge For A Week (And I Feel AMAZING!)

Gut health is so important. But even with colon cancer in my family and a history of stomach issues, I can fully admit I tend to prioritize other aspects of my body first. Something I’ve learned recently, though, is that 70-80 percent of our immune system is located in our gut. On top of that, 95 percent of our body’s serotonin is produced in our gut. This translates to an absolute nightmare if we don’t take the necessary steps to keep ourselves healthy.

Last month I decided to take an active step. In a partnership with Sub-Zero Superfoods by Project Juice, I did a “Gut Health Challenge.” For an entire week (September 17-22) I replaced my regular breakfast meals (protein-rich oatmeal, carb-heavy bagels, eggs, etc.) with one of their smoothies.

Project Juice Gut Challenge Smoothies
Bob Hodson

Each of these smoothies was packed with everything from crushed almonds and cashews, to organic fruits and veggies, to a mix of antioxidants and vitamins to help with immunities, rebuilding, and overall wellness.

The goal was to reduce bloat, reset my gut, improve my mood, cut my sugar cravings, and make me feel, well, good. So I decided to try. And boy, am I happy I did.

Here are my results, and if any of this excites you (which it should!) then you should definitely try this week-long challenge for yourself!

1. I feel considerably more energized.

I’ve always believed in the power of a good breakfast. However, life sometimes gets in the way and I often find myself tossing a bagel in the toaster, or having a cup of tea on the run. Not the greatest choices.

When I opted into the Gut Health Challenge, I traded my nasty breakfast habits for this equally on-the-go smoothie option. This is a pre-made smoothie that literally only needs milk. (You can even blend it and put it back in the original packaging cup!)

You can opt for a box (delivered to your door!) of 8, 12, or 24-pack of smoothies or bowls. In opting for these all week, I found myself naturally more energetic and focused. I didn’t change anything else about my diet, my caffeine intake (which is considerably low on a weekly basis) or my activity level. The only thing I changed were the smoothies instead of heavy breakfast options.

2. I feel less ‘blah’ and full.

On a normal day, I tend to eat more carbs than necessary. While carbs aren’t a bad thing, in excess, they aren’t the best. I’ve noticed, more and more, that when I have a carb-heavy breakfast, like a bagel for example, I drag mid-morning.

When I switched to the Project Juice smoothies, I found that wasn’t the case. Not only did I feel refreshed, but my stomach didn’t feel as ‘full’ as usual—but I wasn’t hungry!—which was ideal. I went from morning breakfast to snack time without wanting to eat, but without the puffed out belly that I often experience when I eat a big breakfast.

3. I wasn’t experiencing the normal mid-morning cravings.

When I did the Gut Health Challenge, one of the biggest differences I noticed was the lessening of my cravings. I typically snack / graze throughout the day, but with the smoothies, I found myself content to wait until later.

4. I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing any taste or flavor for health.

This is a big thing for me. I love healthy foods, but hate when they can get a bit, well…blah. Sometimes I find that healthy options (especially green smoothies, for example) can literally taste like leaves. These smoothies were different. Every single one (even the ones packed with the most kale or vitamins!) had a great taste.

The flavors are Greens: Apple Kale, Avocado Orange, Mint Cacao, and Pineapple Matcha. Fruits: Acai Chia, Mango Turmeric, Peach Green Tea, and Strawberry Banana. Protein: Blueberry Protein, Cacao Protein, Coffee Collagen, and Kale Protein. Superfood: Acai Bowl + Granola and Green Bowl + Granola.

There wasn’t a single moment I was dissatisfied, annoyed, or wanting to eat something else.

5. I found myself craving smoothies long after.

This challenge was last month, and I’m still thinking about the smoothies. In fact, my plan is to looking into a bigger box so I can share them with my boyfriend and his son. I’m a big advocate for changing health from the inside out—these smoothies do just that. Not only can they help to cleanse, but they’re filled with all the essential nutrients and organic fruits to really start my mornings off right.

To order your own, check out the Sub-Zero Superfoods page. Ordering is as simple as clicking a few buttons for an icy, to-your-door delivery.

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