7 Best Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts

best gifts for fitness enthusiasts, girl holding exercise ball
Charlotte Karlsen

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for yourself, or someone you love who’s super into wellness/fitness, this can be a challenge. There are so many products on the internet—how can you possibly choose? When it comes down to it, though, the best gifts for fitness enthusiasts are ones that are convenient, useful, and work in conjunction with their normal routines.

From glass containers that help create the perfect meal-prep scenario to workout leggings that stay in place regardless of the workout, here is a short list of some of the top-notch (in my opinion) gifts for someone super into fitness and staying healthy.

1. A luxury vibrating roller.

Sore muscles are no fun. Something you or the fitness enthusiast in your life will absolutely love is this vibrating pliability roller. This roller is excellent for muscles both before and after workouts. It has four different speeds that help to stimulate the brain-body connection, as well as two distinct frequency settings that you can change, depending on your soreness level. The foam is also contoured to target specific muscle areas.

This is a gift that can really bring the fitness guru/athlete to a whole new level in their workouts.

[Here’s where you can order yours.]

2. This ‘living’ water bottle with a built-in filter and diffuser.

best gifts for fitness enthusiasts, DYLN water bottle
I’ve been using this water bottle for a few months now, and it’s very obvious to me that there’s a distinct difference between tap and filtered water. I love that this bottle comes with both a filter and diffuser—the water is always clean and fresh. Not only is this great post-workout, but to drink throughout the day. Plus the bottle is stainless steel, so it preserves the colder temperature for longer.

This is definitely a useful gift for someone who cares about wellness and clean water consumption.

[Here’s where you can get a bottle of your own.]

3. A set of 9 glass meal-prepping containers.

best gifts for fitness enthusiasts, meal prep containers

I swear by these. I’m always on the go, so having containers I can just pop in the microwave are a must. Sure, there’s BPA-free plastic, but I stray away from those just because it doesn’t feel right to put plastic in the microwave. (Plus, the food color sometimes bleeds on the plastic—yuck!) These come with air-tight, sealed lids to prevent spills and there are different sizes for all types of prepping a person could need!

This is one of the best gifts for fitness enthusiasts because it helps them stick to their wellness goals outside of the gym, and in their everyday life.

[Here’s where you can grab a set of your own.]

4. A set of spiral, no-crease hair ties.

best gifts for fitness enthusiasts, spiral hair ties
Okay, I’ve always been on protecting my long hair. One of the biggest drawbacks of using ‘regular’ ponytail holders is that they not only leave a major crease in your hair, but they often pull and break your hair mid-shaft. (Which, if you’re someone who cares about hair quality, is a big deal. Aka split end city). These spiral hair ties not only keep your hair off your neck (and fashionably), but they guarantee no ugly crease or unnecessary breakage.

[Here’s where you can order some of your own.]

5. This adorable ring-holder wristlet.

best gifts for fitness enthusiasts, ringhero ring holder
This is such a nifty gift for someone who enjoys workingout/running but might not always have a locker or place to store rings. (Yet they want to keep them on their person at all times). Thoughtful, convenient, and cute, this is great and thoughtful present.

[Here’s where you can order a ring holder of your own.]

6. These amazing leggings (and other fitness wear).

best gifts for fitness enthusiasts, CALIA leggings
It goes without saying that an effective workout outfit is something that doesn’t slip off, fits comfortably, and feels good (bonus if it looks good, too). The entire CALIA line is hands down, my top brand when it comes to workout wear. These leggings are uber soft, high-waisted (although they come in a variety of other styles, too) and stretch-resistant. This means they stay in place, regardless of the intensity of my workout. Plus, they look and feel great!

Most pairs come with mesh or other means of breathability. Others have built-in pockets for electronics and keys, as well as zip compartments to store jewelry or other accessories. Honestly, when it comes to a quality, functional, and fun brand—CALIA is my favorite.

[Here’s where you can shop these leggings, as well as browse the entire line.]

7. This mineral-infused, all natural water that promotes hydration.

I’m a big fan of Essentia water because it’s ‘supercharged ionized alkaline water,’ as the brand says, which is amazing for daily and post-workout hydration. If you’re looking to give something that’s abundantly useful, this is one of the best gifts for fitness enthusiasts because it boosts their water intake with a quality product.

[Here’s where you can order bottles in bulk or check out the single bottles, too.]

8. These no-hassle wireless headphones.

best gifts for fitness enthusiasts, TaoTronics wireless headphones

I’ve tried a variety of headphones over the years, but these are my definite favorite. They’re not too pricey, but they get the job done. The sound quality is great, there aren’t extra buttons to get in your way, and they stay in your ears (even when you sprint).

[Here’s where you can get yourself a pair.]


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