Here’s What to Do With Those Browned Bananas

Okay, so you were lazy. You bought those bananas because you thought, “Hey, I’ll totally eat these.” Or, “Yes! They’re on sale this week!” But then life got in the way…and here you are…a bunch of browned, yuck bananas. What do you do?

The answer: freeze em. But I don’t mean just toss them on a freezer shelf and forget about them. I mean take a few minutes to peel them, plastic bag them, and save them for your future smoothies and banana bread recipes. The later you will thank the non-lazy you.


Today I took a few minutes to go through my pre-frozen brown bananas and peel them, plus I added my newly-browned bananas (yeah, I sometimes really suck at eating bananas before they get ugly). Why did I do this? Well, for one, my bananas were taking up the freezer.

1. Frozen (pre-cut, pre-peeled) bananas saves freezer space 

But more importantly, pre-peeling bananas makes it super easy for defrosting purposes or to have them ready to toss into a recipe.

2. Frozen bananas = no waste and future yummy recipes (with less prep time!)

No longer do you have to feel guilty about letting your bananas go bad–they’re not lost causes! One of the best ways you can use them later? An on-the-go smoothie! Having them pre-frozen means your smoothie is already chilled and takes 3 minutes or less!


Ta da! An easy way to make the best of a forgetful situation and have a yummy treat (now or later). Now read about how to make an awesome smoothie with those bananas: The 4 Ingredient Banana Smoothie.

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