Little Successes

Today I stepped on the scale and read a number I was proud of. At 136 lbs, I am one pound shy of my weight goal. This is something I’ve been striving for since my freshman year of college. After a month or so of eating breakfast potatoes with melted cheese on top and ranch to dip…I decided that the freshman fifteen really wasn’t for me. And so I set goals.

One of my first concrete fitness goals dealt with the number on the scale. If you talk to trainers, doctors, etc. they’ll tell you that focusing on the numbers is ineffective. And they’re totally right. But for me, the number was something that signified hard work. At 155 lbs to start, being at 135 meant that I had shed a considerable amount of body fat, while increasing muscle mass to continue being healthy and strong.

As of today, I can say I’m almost there. This hasn’t been easy. There have been days when food takes a priority over everything, and days where I have too much happening to give my workouts my all. Even so, I’ve been diligent with working out and eating well and I am proud to say I’m almost where I want to be.

Life is a challenge. Everything you do will come with struggle and pain. And this is no exception. But its the strength and determination you have to push through that will bring you success.

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