5 Easy Ways to Fit More Activity into Your Day

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Nathan Cowley

Whether you enjoy working out or not, one of the most frustrating things is feeling like you don’t have enough time to actually make it happen. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to fit more activity into your day. Even with the busiest of schedules, you can make time for what’s really important. Here’s how:

Make Fitness Your ‘Work’

Okay, so this certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you are someone who values exercise a lot, then it is always worth thinking about whether you might enjoy a career as a fitness instructor or similar. If you complete your 200 YTT to become a yoga teacher or you gain a qualification as a personal trainer, you can not only fit exercise in, but put it at the heart of what you do each day, which will lead to better health and better satisfaction for you.

If this isn’t feasible, then consider shifting your mindset about exercise in general. While it doesn’t have to be your occupation, per se, it can be a bigger part of your life if you make it a responsibility (like your work) rather than something you just do if/when you have time.

Opt For A Physical Commute

Instead of driving everywhere, why not walk or cycle? Not only will you fit more activity into your day by making your commute your exercise, but you will also get more fresh air, spend more time in nature, less time on screens, and ultimately improve your life overall.

Change Your Sleeping Routines

This is an obvious point, but if you struggle to fit exercise into your day, rising an hour early (or staying up an hour later) will mean you can fit in that workout before (or at the end) of your day. Whether you’re up before dawn or long after the sun sets, having alone time to reset and focus on what you need can make a huge difference in what feels feasible each day.

Workout While Working

If you struggle to stay active because you spend so much of your time working at your desk, buy an exercise ball to sit on instead of your chair, opt for a desk bike, or simply take walks throughout your day for both mental and physical breaks.

You could also consider bringing a yoga mat and/or weights (for under your desk) to do during your lunch hour. You’ll be surprised at how much activity you can fit into your day at the desk if you are determined to do so.

Prioritize Other Obligations First

You might think you don’t have time to exercise due to work, family commitments, or all the chores you need to do around the house, but actually, you can make your chores part of your health regime by amping up the speed or intensity! Vigorously scrub the floors or get some elbow grease for dusting the knick-knacks. Put as much effort into your housework as you can, and it will be almost as good as an hour at the gym! (And you’ll have a spotless house to show for it!)

It’s easier than you think to add more activity into your day. Start by shifting the ‘impossible’ into possible.

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