Pepperoni Pizza Biscuits

It’s awesome to eat healthy. No question about it. But every once in a while,  you have to indulge in something yummy. And that’s what this recipe’s for–an alternative to the traditional, boring pizza: Pepperoni Pizza Biscuits!

Okay, first of all, what are these things? Pepperoni Pizza Biscuits are bite-sized pizzas with all the goodness and (a few) less calories!


What You Need:

  • crescentLow-fat crescent rolls (I love the Pillsbury 90 calorie brand!)
  • prego1/4 cup marinara sauce (Prego’s Roasted Garlic and Herb is my favorite!
  • 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese
  • 1/4 cup chopped onions/green peppers
  • 20 pepperoni slices
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1/2 tbsp garlic salt
  • 1/2 tbsp Italian seasoning
  • any additional pizza toppings

How to Make:

  1. First take your crescent rolls and spread them out on a greased/sprayed cookie sheet
  2. Spread a layer of sauce on the inside of each one
  3. Place 2-3 pepperonis on the inside
  4. Sprinkle some cheese, onions, and peppers (plus additional toppings)
  5. Thin layer of sauce, then wrap it croissant-style
  6. Spread some melted butter on the tops of each biscuit, then sprinkle with Italian seasoning and garlic salt

Serve with hot Roasted Garlic & Herb Prego sauce on the side for dipping! A fun way to eat the pizza you love without too many calories 🙂

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