Positive Vibes 365: Tips For Adding Happiness To Your Daily Life

Life is beautiful, but it can also be frustrating, heartbreaking, and just downright hard. But the good thing is, we can turn our lives around by focusing on the positives. We create our own happiness! Here’s how:

1. Wake up and think of two things you are thankful for.
If you’re religious, you can pray. If you’re not, just think of three things you’ve been blessed with and take a moment to appreciate them. Say thank you. Even if these are tiny things, like the ability to wake yourself up, to breathe, or to think, be thankful. These things matter and if you stop to appreciate them, it will put you in a positive mindset from the minute you open your eyes.

2. Take a deep breath and stretch.
Try to do this before anything else. By allowing oxygen and blood to flow through your muscles, you will loosen tense muscles and release endorphins that chemically help your body to feel happy. (If you can get a morning workout in, even better! This will make those endorphins go crazy and really lift your mood.)

3. Start the day with a good breakfast.
This doesn’t have to be elaborate–even a small bowl of cereal and a banana will do–but do start with food. Food is fuel. Fuel is energy. Energy is happiness.

4. Make a conscious effort to smile at people you come across.
Smile at people in traffic, your coworkers, the guy that walks by at the stop sign–making an effort to smile will physically lift your mood and make you more present and engaged in your day.

5. Take a break during the day.
A lot of times we’re go go go. We don’t take a minute to relax, unwind, or just chill before we’re running into the next thing. If at all possible, take a five minute break during the day. Get out of your chair and move around. Workout. Pause to eat lunch without doing anything work-related or without soaking in social media. Take a small nap. Sit and do something relaxing, like read or color. This will refocus your mind and help eliminate stress.

6. Do one good deed for someone else.
Make that a daily goal, just to bless someone’s life each day. This can be small, like picking up someone’s papers from the printer, or big, like buying a coworker’s lunch. Just try to bring kindness into other’s lives. You’ll be amazed what a difference it makes in yours.

7. Surround yourself with good people.
If you find yourself falling into group gossip at lunch, politely excuse yourself and find somewhere else to sit, or choose to stay out of it. Negativity sneaks up on us with the people around us, so try your best to disengage, or to bring the conversation in a more positive direction.

8. Find a reason to smile, and remind yourself of this often.
If you find yourself getting down, think about something you have to look forward to. Is it the day ending, the weekend coming, a trip you’re taking in a few months? Focus on that and try not to think about what’s bringing you down. If you have unresolved conflicts, try to address them as soon as possible to remove that negative energy from your mind. Then look ahead at the good things to come.

9. Get a workout in.
Workouts do incredible things to our bodies and brains. If possible, squeeze a run or lift in. Even if it’s 30 minutes, even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood, this will lift your spirits.

10. Go to sleep with a positive thought.
Just like you started the day, end the day with a smile. Think of at least three things you are thankful for, even on your toughest days. Remind yourself, and if it’s a person/people, tell that person before the night ends. This will end your day on a high note and carry you into the next day with positivity. 🙂



Photo Credit: jill111

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