Meat About To Go Bad? Try Freezing Your Sandwiches!

This weekend I had a *duh-Marisa* moment. The week previous, I went on a work retreat, but before heading out, I had to toss a bunch of food in the freezer so it wouldn’t go bad while I was gone. One of those things was a sandwich, and as I tucked it in an inconspicuous corner of the freezer, I found myself thinking, Ew. This is going to be so soggy. But I put it in there regardless, not wanting to waste food (and partly because I was in a hurry).

Flash forward to this weekend: I defrosted my sandwich and thought, What the heck? I’ll try it in the George Foreman. BEST IDEA EVER. (And *duh-Marisa* moment). That sandwich that I was so sure was going to be a sog-ball? It turned out perfect.


If you’re wanting to plan ahead on some future meals, if you have deli meat (or any kind of meat) that is about to go bad, or if you’re headed out the door for a mini-vacay and don’t want to waste what’s in your fridge: FREEZE YOUR SANDWICHES.

This is probably the easiest, no-brainer thing to do, but it seriously was such a live saver! I was able to save the meat that was going to go bad and enjoy it later (both a money and food saver!) Plus, the George made the sandwich crispy, fresh, and totally not soggy.

Here’s your 2-Step plan of action in making freezer sandwiches:

1. Prepare your sandwich normally–If your’e putting any condiments on it, make sure to use a decent amount because adding some later will be pretty difficult.
2. Grab a piece of foil that’s big enough to cover the sandwich fully, on all sides. You want to tuck the sandwich tightly so that it doesn’t get freezer-burned.


When your’e ready, let the sandwich defrost overnight or during the day!
Then fire up your George Foreman and cook for about 4 minutes. (Check periodically to make sure the edges aren’t burning!)

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