Enjoy & Exercise With A Summer Bike Ride

going for a summer bike ride
Shelby Cohron

Summer is wonderful but so fleeting! It’s important to be intentional about the time you spend with friends and family, schedule time to do things you love (and time for doing nothing, too!), and be sure to enjoy every minute. er bi

Here are some no-brainer tips for making this (actually) happen in your busy schedule:

1. Set Up A Meeting Point

First and foremost, it’s good to set up a meeting point so you can officially set where you’re starting off from. Whether that be at someone’s house or at an entry point to a cycling path, make sure everyone knows where they’re going prior.

If you want to sure everyone is well equipped for the cycle itself, then consider holding the meeting point at someone’s house. That way, if there’s anything that needs addressing, it can be fixed while you’re all getting ready together to go.

2. Make Sure You’re Wearing The Right Clothes

If you’re considering a summer bike right, start by checking the weather to ensure that you’re dressed for the occasion. Cycling clothing and accessories needs to be flexible for your body to move freely. You’ll also want to consider padding up your bottom area, as well as the padding on the seat itself for the longer cycles.

While cycling is fun, it’s not always the most comfortable of workouts to take part in. A cycling cap will help to keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your head from sunburn.

3. Check Your Bike Before Leaving

Before you leave on your cycle ride, make sure you’re checking your bike over before leaving. Often enough, a problem is found on the bike itself but unfortunately most of the time, it’s an issue that’s spotted while you’re in the midst of riding.

If you’re planning on taking a full day’s trip of cycling, you want to ensure that your bike is working completely fine.

4. Apply Sunscreen & Protect Your Skin

Sunscreen is an important one because your skin is easily exposed during a summer bike ride, even if you’re wearing breathable materials that cover your entire body. Think about the sunscreen you wear throughout the day and always be sure to apply it to keep your skin protected from sun damage and exposure.

5. Find Places To Stop & Hydrate

Hydration is key! Whether you’re stopping along the way for a light lunch, a few sips at a local pub, or simply to take a breather and sip from your water bottle, making sure that you can stop, rest, and stay hydrated is important on a summer bike right!

Now, get pedaling!

Featured Image Credit: Shelby Cohron
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