How To Enhance Your Family’s Well-Being

happy family walking

Becoming a parent has been my greatest adventure. I’ve said that countless times before, and I’ll say it again and again! I love how parenting has shown me parts of myself that I didn’t realize, or brought to the surface things that I cared about more than I knew. Parenting has also shown me my values, as far as developing healthier habits, prioritizing education, and leaning into self-care. For me, the idea of enhancing your family’s well-being is of utmost importance. 

So, whether you’re a parent or considering becoming one, here are some suggestions and (manageable) wellness tips.

1. Create Family Goals

I firmly believe that change starts with a solid foundation (and change is good because it means progress). When it comes to health and wellness, and striving to enhance your family’s well-being, I would suggest starting with family goals. This is a great way to slow down, reset, and figure out what’s really important to the people in your life.

Family goals can not only help you see what different family members care about, but it can also help you get on the same page and start moving towards those goals collectively! Family goals can also incorporate individual goals, too. This is a way to connect your family together and allow different people to support one another while also seeing the big picture of moving forward together. 

2. Find & Create Connection Points

Connect as much as possible! Strive to create relationships with your partner (and subsequently your children) that prioritize communication and vulnerability. Having these aspects as the priority will foster a safe space where everyone feels included, supported, and secure.

Try to set aside regular time to spend together, too. Whether this means having dinner together every night or going and playing a sport at the weekend, ensuring that you can spend (quality!) time together means a deeper bond, happiness, and improved well-being.

3. Be Active Together

One of the easiest ways to enhance your family’s well being is to get active together! This helps to relieve stress, instill healthy habits, and create positive relationships around exercise. 

This can be something simple, like weekend walks, evening sports classes, or even something as silly as decluttering your home! (Remember: You don’t always have to entertain your kids – sometimes they just want to do what you’re doing!). 

Another idea is to create intentional fun time together: building forts or obstacle courses, taking a family exercise class, or going on semi-regular family hikes or bike rides. Exercising together is a great way to build connections and keep an eye on everyone’s health. 

4. Check-In Regularly

When family members are not themselves, it’s important that you’re not only checking in, but recognizing these changes and acting upon them. While you shouldn’t jump to conclusions, of course, opening a conversation and showing that you’re available to talk is an important first step.

Be gentle and slow, especially with children, and especially when it comes to emotional wellness. You may want to start by sharing your own stories and emotions to show your children there is nothing to be scared of when opening up. Then, they might feel encouraged to share their own thoughts and will feel safe in coming to you in the future.

5. Be Present

The more you give to your family (emotionally and physically), the more loving your connection will be! This will naturally enhance your family’s well being. Giving of your love and time are the most valuable ways to show your children how much they mean to you. 

While it may seem simple—cuddling your children, making dinner together, helping with homework—these little things make the biggest difference! When someone feels loved and cared for, they will bloom.

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