The Mirror

Today I looked into the mirror, and for the first time in a long time, I loved what I saw. It wasn’t about the newly-Florida-sunkissed skin and tan lines (though those did help a little), it was about the outlook. My face was still flushed from running, the pinkish color represented hard work. My body, with its somewhat awkward curves was imperfect, yet strong.

I think one of the biggest problems with this day and age is that people expect perfection, this sense of an ‘ideal’. What people don’t realize, is that this ‘ideal’ is unobtainable. Even the most ‘perfect-looking’ models have flaws. And most of the time those flaws are covered by makeup or photo editing tools. No, my point isn’t to bash on those who definitely have a successful career in being society’s standard of beautiful, its to say that just because you don’t have perfectly manicured eyebrows, or an adorable pouty-lipped mouth, doesn’t mean you aren’t still wonderful and beautiful in your own way.

Looking in the mirror today I was proud. I was proud because of my imperfections, (though I’ll be honest, this is really hard to do, and doesn’t happen that often). For the first time in a while, I loved that my hips weren’t too curvy and that my legs were different lengths, and even that I still had a line of stomach fat I needed to take care of.
But if I spend hours analyzing, I’ll still never end up happy. But that’s because I’m human. We’re meant to be imperfect beings.

What I loved about myself in the mirror was my positive outlook and my strength. I wasn’t flawless by any means, but I was tough. My body was defined by the work I had put into it on my run–the flushed face, sore muscles, powerful legs. I think that’s what makes you beautiful, the confidence that comes from working hard and knowing you’re pushing your body to its limits. Its learning to embrace imperfections, and looking in the mirror and saying, “You know, I don’t look too bad.”


Featured Image Credit: Milivanily


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