3 Simple Tips For Planning A Fun Kid’s Party

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Rahel Daniel

When it comes to planning anything — from a workout regimen to a fun kid’s party — it’s important to stay calm, organized, and positive in order to minimize stress levels and actually enjoy your experience.

As we are a website dedicated to the idea of ‘living free and healthy,’ (which is all about fun, intentionality, and purpose), we wanted to share a few tips for facilitating a great party for your children or other youngsters in your life. Whether you adopt these tips in your family/future family or consider them for a friend, we hope they help to make your experience less chaotic! 

Focus On Invitations

There won’t be a party without any guests! So, one of the most important things to facilitate a fun kid’s party is undoubtedly the invitations. And don’t just buy any old invitation—you want to inspire interaction! After all, this is your chance to create the first impression regarding the party.

Instead of going for plain and boring invites, make sure you pick something fun and exciting that is going to appeal to children and get them excited about the party you are hosting. 

Make Goodie Bags

What children’s party would be complete without party bags? All kids look forward to getting their party bag and seeing what treats are inside! So, try and diversify the contents of the bag. Look for cheap miniature games as well as sweets – their parents will thank you for this, too.

And don’t forget a thank you card either. It’s always nice to show your gratitude and let the parents (and their children) know that you appreciate their efforts to make your child’s birthday a special one.

Provide Quality Food & Supplies

Of course, tasty and fun food is to be expected. You could either hire a caterer or you could provide the food yourself. If you’re looking for something sweet (but not too sweet), this marshmallow recipe is a real treat!

It’s not just about the food, though—you have to create an ambiance! There are many different types of decorations available nowadays. From balloons, confetti, banners, and piñatas, to hanging decorations, the options are endless! However, it’s a good idea to stick to a theme (and two/three colors maximum—you don’t want things to look cluttered!)

Consider A Theme

There are many decorations that are centered on certain themes, such as superheroes, princesses and monsters. Buying all of your decorations from the one specific area will make for a fun kid’s party; it will also feel more cohesive (and be less hefty on your wallet!). 

Finally, be sure to check everything off of your list the day before your event. This way, if you need to grab anything last minute, you’ll have at least the beginning of the next day to prepare.

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