You Are Only as Weak as You Allow Yourself to Be

1508100_10201855950017052_1128027960_nMinutes ago, I published a piece about the time I had a lower back spasm in March of 2013 on a collegiate softball spring trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. [To read the actual article, click here.]

This was one of the craziest, scariest, and most incredible moments of my life, as I experienced pain like I never had before, and all of a sudden couldn’t do the simplest of things, like put on socks or bend forward to pick a dropped hair ribbon off the ground.

backpainThe spasm was random. I had simply reached to pick up a heavy suitcase with tight muscles (I’d been sitting on a bus for over 18 hours) and twisted my back. By the next morning, I physically could not move.

What I learned in the process is four valuable things:

  1. Your health is not forever and is not guaranteed. At a moment’s notice, your life could completely change. So you have to appreciate what you’ve been given and take care of yourself.
  2. Sometimes natural medicine is the way to go. Now I’m not going to sit here and start a debate about chiropractic care. I’m just going to say that the natural adjustments, stretches, and massages done to me at Dr. Chilton’s office saved my back in ways that a Cortisone shot couldn’t. I was healed, rather than given medication to cover the pain. And sometimes I think that it’s important to consider these natural remedies.
  3. Cherish the people around you. Be thankful to the doctors (and chiropractors) who have saved your back and your athletic career. Love and appreciate the mother who searched for the right person to bring you to, drove you there, paid the medical bills, and stood by your side every step of the way.
  4. And stretch often. Remember that your muscles take on a lot of stress, so release that. Remember that long bus rides will not only make you feel lethargic and fat, but will make your muscles cramp as you try to find a comfy spot (which PSA: there are no comfy spots). Stretch after and love your body.overcoming
  5. And don’t be afraid. Life’s too short to stand on the sidelines. Despite the setbacks or injuries you may face, move forward with confidence. Take the next step. Throw the next pitch. You are only as weak as you allow yourself to be.

Special thanks to my mother, who has always put me first, even before herself. And special thanks to Dr. Rudy Chilton, whose kind, personal care gave me the confidence and strength to get back on the mound only three days post-injury. You will forever have a special place in my heart.


Photo Credits: Back&Neck, QuotePedia. Featured: WatchFit.

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