You Can Treat Yourself (And Be Healthy)

Wait…did you just read that correctly? The answer is yes. Yes, you can actually treat yourself, (AKA eat something good), but also be healthy (AKA not consume a zillion and a half calories).

The answer? Low-fat, low-sugar gelato.

Here’s my most current favorite flavor–pistachio! Yum!

Okay, so what’s gelato and what’s all this hype about? Gelato is similar to ice cream without the extra fat or cream. It uses milk products rather than cream or eggs. It’s also whipped differently, which means that it’s more dense and flavorful. (So you aren’t getting gypped on taste just because it’s better for you!)

I know it’s tempting to grab some ice cream–there’s so many flavors, it’s easy, it’s cheap–but gelato is wayyyy better. Same amount of amazing flavors with (bonus!) less the fat. Plus, because it’s more dense, you won’t need as big of scoops… which means you’re definitely getting the bang out of your buck, and enjoying it for longer! So treat yourself. The healthy way. 😉



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