You Deserve To Slow Down (And Have Fun At The Same Time)

Last week I went home to surprise my sister for her prom and birthday. I figured she’d be gone for the majority of the weekend, so I penciled in some quality mother-daughter time, a wine & paint date for just the two of us.

Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves.

There’s something about eating cheese and crackers, focusing on picture you essentially can’t mess up, and being silly with someone you love that reminds you how important it is to truly slow down.

More often than not, I find myself in a rush. A super rush. I jump from one thing to another, from work to working out, from friend activities to weekends home with family.

I love the rush of my life, but I also know that it’s so important to appreciate the little things, to take deep breaths, and to enjoy living in the moment.


Painting with my mom gave us bonding time, a peaceful moment to talk, a silly two hours to make a mess and listen to music, and a finished product that will look beautiful on the walls in our homes.

Sometimes you just need to slow down, dip your brush in some paint, and sip on some wine.

Little things will always matter most.

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