10 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer Season (And Still Get A Good Workout In)

1. Use the early mornings to your advantage. I get it. It’s summer. You may be already waking up at the crack of dawn for work, you might just want to sleep in. But the trick to beating the summer heat is to get a good workout in before the hottest hours of the day. See if you can get up just after sunrise and go on a hike, get a run in before your workday begins, etc. You won’t have the blazing sun on your back and will have a much lower chance of getting dehydrated.

2. Bring water wherever you go. By the time you feel thirsty, you’re already on your way to dehydration. Instead of waiting for your body to give you a warning, be prepared. Take water with you wherever you go, even if it’s a small trip to the grocery store. Staying hydrated helps build muscles, boosts your metabolism, and helps you perform and function at your best.

3. Invest in a Camelback. Sometimes lugging a jug, or even a bottle of water gets annoying. Getting a Camelback—a gallon water jug you can literally wear—can help you to stay hydrated wherever you are. Plus, it’s amazing for long runs or hikes because it’s well insulated, so your water stays cool, and on your physical person wherever you go.

4. Use the sunset/evening hours as end-of-the-day motivation. After a long day of work or lounging out at the pool, sometimes the last thing you want to do is head to the gym. But just like the morning hours, the post-sunset hours are great temperatures. Use the end of the day to cool off, get your workout in, and then shower and relax for the rest of the night.

5. Use your commute as an opportunity for exercise. Here’s a simple way to add a workout to your summer days—instead of always driving places, bike or walk. This adds a little exercise to your everyday routine without totally disrupting your schedule.

6. Get a cheap, month-to-month gym membership. As beautiful as it is outside, sometimes you just have to exercise indoors so you don’t overheat and dehydrate. Many gyms offer discounted summer rates or month-to-month memberships at a reasonable cost. Instead of making excuses for why you can’t workout outside, beat the heat by getting a good pump in indoors.

7. Sign up for yoga, dance, or some indoor exercise class. Classes are often taught indoors or before/after work (so there’s really no excuse). Find one you’re interested in and either go solo, or with a few friends.

8. Swim. Swimming is excellent cardio, and no matter the temperature outside, it’s totally doable because you’re cooled off the entire time. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pool, or even the beach, swimming is great for your endurance and as a total body workout!

9. Cool off with healthy snacks, meals, and drinks. Sometimes all you need is a light and refreshing summer salad, a low-fat, high protein snack, or a yummy protein shake. Not only will these cool you off, but they’ll fuel your body and give you the strength to push on all day.

10. Use the (workout) buddy system. Sometimes beating the heat means facing it. (Perhaps not at the hottest hours of the day, but you know what I mean!) Get some friends at hold each other accountable. Whether that’s just going on after-work walks around the neighborhood, running before work, or even forcing one another to hit the gym and fight the hangover on Saturday, having someone to workout with or alongside you is a great way to stay motivated this summer season.

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