Always Choose Fresh

The other day one of my coworkers surprised me with a bag of fresh green beans. Fresh! Like right off the farmer’s market fresh! Like straight from the fields fresh!

Okay, I realize that I’m pretty lame for being excited over a gallon-bag of green beans, but when you’re not a local Iowan and the price of organic veggies is through the roof, anything natural and home-grown always tastes better and makes your tummy happy.


So what does a girl do with a bag of green beans?

Meal #1: Stir FryI love the way fresh beans taste when they’re slightly crispy and not too cooked. I had previously decided I wanted stir fry for dinner…so I chopped up some beans, combined them with onions, and sauteed them in a little olive oil and garlic salt. I made my rice, chicken, then stirred these babies in with a little teriyaki and soy sauce! It was deeeelish!


Meal #2: Green Bean Scramble! So this one’s easy. Saute the beans the same way (olive oil! and you can add onions, garlic, etc.) and combine with eggs (scramble them together!) as well as tomato, spices, cheese, onion (if you haven’t added already) and whatever else you like on your eggs! Gives a great crisp and fresh taste to your breakfast!

#3: Side/Snack! Once your beans are cooked, they are super easy to just have as a side for a meal, or just to take in a Tupperware to heat up for a snack during the day.

I’m a huge fan of veggies, an even bigger fan of organic, but I know just as well as you that prices can get in the way. If you ever have the chance to grab some fruits/vegetables from a farmer’s market (or anywhere you can get fresh food!) do so! The taste is 130283 times better than the store and it’s fresher and healthier without preservatives or pesticides.

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