What You Should Really Look Like Post-Run

I don’t know about you, but what drives me crazy is people that think they have to look absolutely flawless at the gym. Umm…reality check! You’re at the gym! You’re going to look like a sweaty mess.

I’m sick of workout photos on the internet of babes that look ready to take their wedding photos–not an ounce of sweat on their bodes. Take these to pictures for example:


Perfect hair, perfect makeup, perfect bodies, and perfectly non-sweaty skin.

Type in ‘women working out’ on Google, (do it now, I dare you!) and I guarantee you that the first 20 pictures are of attractive, non-perspiring, sports-bra clad girls.

blisstreeDon’t get me wrong, I think women are beautiful and we should celebrate our femininity, even when working out (and no I’m not saying that what makes women beautiful is their bodies in skimpy workout clothes…I’m talking about women looking pretty even when exercising). But let’s be real here. Not every girl works out in a sports bra. And not every girl is blessed with the Photoshopped lack of sweat glands.

This is what you should really look like post-run:


Yep, that’s sweat glistening on my forehead and running down my chest.

When you work out and work hard, your hair is going to be disheveled. Your clothes are probably going to be stuck to your back. You’re probably going to be sweaty in places you didn’t think you could be sweaty (like the backs of your knees–what’s up with that?!)

You’re makeup might be smeared. Little droplets might be running your cheeks. But your skin will be flushed, you will feel energized and positive, and you probably will be smiling because why not!? You’re a strong, confident, hard-working, real woman who sweats. and that’s something to be proud of.



Photo Credits: Woman’s Day, BlissTree.


  1. I feel you! I just take my makeup off because I know it will be all over the place. Any trace of mascara left is under my eyes and I’m sweating up a storm. Always am blown away by the girls at the gym who look perfect. There is one girl I see all the time who freshens up her makeup BEFORE working out.

    • Haha I know a few of those too! In my opnion, I think we women look better when they’re working hard! Our sweat and redness gives us a natural glow! Haha

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