An Awesome Arm & Abs HIIT Workout That Literally Anyone Can Do In 30 Minutes

A dear friend of mine runs a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout at the local YMCA and asked if I’d like to join her class for the night arms and abs night. Of course I was down! 30 minutes of arms and abs—piece of cake. Or so I thought.

This workout kicked my butt. But it was amazing and only thirty minutes. 30!! You definitely have that to spare, so no more excuses!

IMG_20140903_192109What you need for the workout:

  • Yoga matt
  • Dumbells (weight is your choice…I used 8 lbs)
  • Some type of bench to use for tricep dips

Here’s what you do:

The workout has two circuits. You do the first circuit 2x through then rest for 1 minute. Second circuit 2x then rest for 1 min. Repeat. And you’re done!

Circuit 1:

  1. 20 squat and press with dumbbell weight
  2. 15 tricep dips
  3. 20 army-style presses [For this one, start in push-up position then go down on one arm, down on the other arm, all the way to extension on the first arm, then all the way to extension on the second arm to push yourself up. Repeat.]
  4. 20 froggy crunches [For this one, you will balance at a 45 degree angle and extend your legs at the same time as your arms, away from your body. Then crunch in, bringing all limbs to your core for one rep. Repeat.]

Circuit 2:

  1. 20 crunches of choice
  2. 24 (each side) shoulder taps [For this one, you’re in a push-up position with your arms extended and you hold yourself up while reaching the opposite arm to the opposite shoulder—an ab exercise)
  3. 15 leg lifts
  4. 20 superman-to-push-up [For this one, you do a superman – legs and arms extended, balancing on your core, and then you go directly to a push-up position, and hold. Repeat.]

This might not seem like a lot, but by the time you get through both circuits twice, you’re exhausted! It’s the HIIT idea–you tire out your body by working hard with minimal rest. Even though this workout is only 30 minutes long, you’ll definitely be pooped at the end and sore the next day. So no more excuses! Every little bit counts 🙂

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