The Best Bottled Water To Drink Post-Workout

“A better you starts with better water.” What a fitting slogan for the first ionized bottled water brand in the United States, Essentia.

Established in 1998, Essentia is a bottled water brand that uses a unique ionization process that takes water from anywhere in the world and passes it through a combination of microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet exposure (aka: a lot of scientific terms for making the purest water possible).

It then becomes what the brand calls ‘supercharged ionized alkaline water,’ which is the best re-hydrating and rejuvenating water you could possibly drink.

According to the Essentia website, their ionization process is the ‘future of water’:

“What if you could take any water, from anywhere around the world and turn it into clean-tasting ionized alkaline water? With Essentia’s proprietary process, we can. Water from any source can be transformed into something that keeps you happy, healthy and ready for anything. That means your local water supply can become a simple way to feel supercharged. And because we don’t have to transport it to different parts of the world, the Earth’s natural resources go further with less impact on the environment. Water that benefits people and our planet? That’s the future of water.”

I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a big ‘fancy’ water brand, meaning I typically have stuck with my Brita filtered tap water and called it a day. But when I learned about Essentia, and sampled the smooth, non-bitter taste, I was pleasantly surprised.

best water for athletes Essentia

What sets Essentia about is what the brand takes out from their water, not put in. Instead of adding a bunch of minerals in the ionizing or bottling process like other brands — minerals that might not be naturally occurring in filtered water — Essentia focuses on taking out acidic ions, fluoride, and chlorine, creating healthier and less unnaturally altered water.

This is, by the way, what you want to be putting in your body at the end of the day.

There are no metals, contaminants, or minerals in the water after the purification process Essentia goes through. The water is 99.9% pure, and then is infused (naturally) with alkaline electrolytes for taste. The water is clean, smooth, and great-tasting, and hydrates your body, especially post-workout.

Ready to get #hydrated? Here’s where you can purchase Essentia on Amazon.

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