A Full-Body Exercise You Need To Try This Summer: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Okay, hear me out. Have you ever actually been paddle boarding? I mean, it’s no extreme sport, but whether you’re an avid exerciser or just getting started, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a great full-body exercise. And super fun. Here’s why you need to try it out this summer.

1. It helps with your balance. Maybe you’re not the most coordinated person. That’s okay. With SUP, it’s easy to get on the board without falling since you start on your knees. As you gain balance, you can work to standing! If you can’t get there on your first try, no worries — it’s just as fun to paddle from your knees!

2. It’s great for the core. Your core is everything, and yet so often we neglect it in our workouts, thinking that running or strength training of our other muscles is more valuable. Wrong! Core is sooo huge, and with SUP you are constantly working your core — to kneel, stand, paddle, and balance in the waves.

3. It’s good for your entire body. Like I said, not only do you work on balance (aka core) you have to use your legs to keep you steady and your arms and upper body to row. That’s a total body workout!

4. It can be total bonding time. You can SUP solo, but it’s way more fun with a friend. Grab a buddy and go together. You can sight-see, cruise around a local area, or just keep it casual and paddle around and talk. Either way, it’s still productive.

5. It’s relaxing. SUP is good exercise, (and awesome because you control the intensity) but it’s also very therapeutic. The repetitive motion allows for time to think, breathe, and slow down, all while still working your muscles.

6. It’s great for outdoorsy types. Maybe you’re the type of person who loves to spend time outside. SUP is perfect for you — not only are you enjoying the best hours of the day, but rock a swimsuit and even tan while exercising!

7. It can cool you off. Feel free to jump in the water at any time — this is a great way to exercise and cool off during those hot summer days.

8. It’s fun! Go somewhere new, somewhere different, somewhere with a bunch of friends — the opportunities are endless. Not only is this a form of exercise, but you can use it as social time, chill time, or anywhere inbetween. Feeling ambitious? Race your friends, go on a more challenging route, or bring someone else with you (aka a dog because doggos rule).

However, wherever you SUP, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Try it for a switch in your summer workout routine!

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