Your Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Treadmill: Tips On Finding What Works Best For You

Whether you’re a walker, a runner, a jogger, a HITT-lover, an incline junkie, or somewhere in-between, you need a treadmill that works best for you.

Maybe you’re all about the speed, the variety, the ease at which you can move, the surface area, the entertainment features, etc. Whatever it is that makes you feel motivated and strong, you need to have it in your treadmill. So browse this research on the top treadmills. Of the nine treadmills tested, here are the top four models for your workout preferences. Find what fits for you!

For The Walker:

Best Treadmill Model: ProForm 505 CST

With a clean console, up-to-date design, 18 workout apps, heart rate monitor and ease of use, this is a great model (and fairly reasonable! $599) for someone who just likes to keep their feet moving.

For The Runner:

Best Treadmill Model: ProForm Pro 2000

Equipped with a powerful motor, ergonomic controls, incline and decline capabilities and a reasonable price ($1,299), this treadmill is the best for avid runners. Not only does it have proshox cushioning for your feet, but it’s also Bluetooth compatible for people who love to jam out while on the go.

For The Entertainment Lover:

Best Treadmill Model: NordicTrack C 2950

Get bored easily? Need constant distraction or variation for your workouts? Then this treadmill is perfect for you. With an enormous, 22-inch touchscreen (for movies, shows, television, mapping your workout – you name it!) you’re constantly provided the entertainment and motivation you need. A little pricey, $2,499, but totally worth the investment for the two-in-one purpose: shedding those pounds and keeping you occupied while doing so!

For The Serious Trainer:

Best Treadmill Model: Horizon T9

Is personal training your profession? Your lifestyle? Are you a workout fanatic? Are you gearing up for a marathon? Just super passionate about running? Then this is the perfect treadmill for you.

The Horizon T9 is equipped with a top-of-the-line cushioned running surface to prevent wear and tear on both the unit and your body. It has a shake-proof frame to keep you stable while running and a touch screen display for ease of use. The T9 also includes a workout tracking calendar so you can check on your progress (perfect for those training for a long-distance run or marathon!).

Regardless of who you are or the reasons behind your workout goals, you need a treadmill that fits your needs. The best type of treadmill will cater to you, so get selfish. Find something that makes sense for your lifestyle and motivates you.

We’re all specialized and unique; our treadmills should be, too.

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