Jump Around! Jump Around!

A few weeks ago I went to AirMaxx, a trampoline park with some college kids. Why? Well, I was a part of the Orientation Leaders at Waldorf College, a group of upperclassmen (and graduated kids, in my case) who worked with the new freshmen, helping them get acquainted with the school, meet people, and have a fun first weekend! Yay!

So that’s how I, at twenty-two years old, ended up at a trampoline park. Which, by the way, you’re never too old for a trampoline park.

Anyhow, I loved every minute of it. How many times in your life can you act like a little kid? Throw your body into a pit of foam? Jump excessively? Bounce off the walls? (Literally) Play extreme dodge ball?

Here’s a totally embarrassing video of me having the time of my life: What’s Your Friday Night Like?.

What's Your Friday Night Like?
[Click to view]

In Airmaxx, the entire jumping section is wall-to-wall trampolines, with a foam pit at the very front. You can bounce into those soft little squares, you can bounce on a rectangular trampoline, you can run and throw yourself into a wall and ricochet off, you can enter a room of trampolines and chuck balls at people. The options are endless.

Sometimes, I think it’s easy to forget that exercise…wait for it…can be fun! You don’t have to just run on a treadmill or force yourself to do some crunches every night before bed. Exercise doesn’t have to be so traditional. Just jumping and climbing in and out of a foam pit can give your muscles a good workout. (Trust me, I was sweating by the end of the night!)

You’re using your legs, your arms to push and pull yourself up (not to mention throwing dodge balls full-speed at random people–my arm was tired by the time I left!) and even your abs to pull yourself up from each bounce.

Sure, jumping on a trampoline isn’t necessarily a substitute for cardio, but it’s a great way to get started or to change things up! Don’t be intimidated by the idea of working out–it can be fun. And no better way to do it in a place where you’re encouraged to be a little kid again. 🙂 Bounce away, humans!

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